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Let your advertisers create their ads at once

- in your media

adwonce is the new generation ad designer for your demanding customers. Accessible to your media anywhere. Anytime.
This powerful tool takes your media into the future giving your customers the tool to build individual ads in your media.
Easy. Unique. At once.

Accessible anywhere. Anytime

Easy access. Ad creation online. Results for your customers at once.

Easy ad creation at once

DIY design tool. Thousands of easy to use templates empower your advertisers to create their individual ads. And to see the results at once.

Add value to your media

More customer satisfaction at lower costs. Increase the loyalty of your customers and save administration as your advertisers create and publish their own ads.


Thousands of easy to pick and use templates in selected categories enable your advertisers to create their individual ads, and to see the result at once


Simple selection of columns. The ads quickly adapt and allow advertisers to make their choice


Advertisers can easily edit text and insert new elements


Changing of colours both in texts and elements is made easily and immediately



Insertion dates are selected in the calendar equipped with deadlines for each paper

Technical details and integrations

Access and build ads from anywhere. Supporting for all major desktop laptop and tablet browsers.

Your own domain
Fully hosted solution running on your own domain or subdomain.

Instant creation
The builder always displays the ad without delay.

Output PDF documents
Creation of PDF/X ISO standard documents for printing.

Web services
Integration with ERP and ad booking systems transfer PDF and booking details with XML and SOAP technologies.

Upload files
Supporting all major image files PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG.

Jobs. Personal. Death. Anything

Any ads you want in your media - your customers can create them in adwonce. The ad designer offers templates and unlimited designs for all sorts of trades, contacts and announcements. Adapted to your media and your demands.


Dennis V. Brorsen
Head of Programmatic and Audience
Sales at Jysk Fynske Medier

adwonce has increased turnover on classifieds by 30 percent. Payback was reached in just 4 months

Jorgen Thomsen
Danish funeral director

The best thing that has happened to me in 30 years in the industry